Blackbird's Application

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Blackbird's Application

Post by Blackbird on Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:10 am

1. PB2 Username and link:
    - Will not let me post a link.
    - rBlackBird

2 Alternate Accounts: All accounts have been disabled.

3a.Kills: 6,573

3b:Deaths: 4,146

4. For how long have you been playing Plazma burst 2: Since 2011.

5. Have you been on top 100 before: Back in 2014, I achieved number 97 and I was on the top 50 best level devs.

6. List your past clans and state your reason for leaving them: EKAT (died), RED-C (died), GSA (Backstabbed and left for cyclix), Cyclix (disbanded), Itami (disbanded), Genocide (fired for drama or something), Apex Predators (Fired for rule breaking), Silence (I killed it), TRS (I killed it), Misfits (I killed it), Delta Force (I joined to manipulate Juan and the members to do what I wanted), Exotic (Died), Assassins (I Killed it), X13 (disbanded), SS (died), MMC (died), TMA (I killed it), Virus Clan (I killed it), Nephilim Utility Division (Backstabbed and left) and several other clans I cannot remember.

7. What games do you play other than Plazma Burst 2: Uncharted 4 (PS4), Hawken (PS4), Battlefield 4 (PS3), Ace Combat Infinity (PS3)

8. Describe yourself in one sentence: I am ambitious, determined, manipulative and creative.

9.What is your best strength (ex.snipers , rails): Snipers.

10. Why did you choose to apply here instead of other clans: All other clans are either shit and cancerous or dead.

11. Who do you know in SurReal: Nearly everyone, most of which were clan mates of mine in Itami; including Acellamy.

12. What can you contribute to SurReal(other than just being active on discord and pb2): I have experience leading both large and small clans, I can code, video produce, image produce, audio produce, help keep organization, assist in enforcing the rules and assist in deterring enemies as well as contribute advice.

13.How active you are in discord and pb2: A couple hours at night daily, sometimes I check on discord on my phone during the day.

14. Will you be able to participate in any events that the clan will provide? Of course.

15. Explain in your own words what loyalty means to you: Loyalty is the most important trait anyone can have. Someone who is loyal is someone who can be trusted.  

16. Are you applying as a member or a trial member: Member.

17. By submitting this application, do you promise to keep your word about joining this clan:
Yes I do.


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