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Application Template

Post by SuperFrank1004 on Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:21 pm

This is the application template in order to join SurReal: Once you are done...we will start the questioning phase....then the voting phase and next on to the testing phase. Note: Do not edit your app or else it's an instant deny.

Application Template:

1. PB2 Username and link:

2 Alternate Accounts:



4. For how long have you been playing Plazma burst 2:

5. Have you been on top 100 before:

6. List your past clans and state your reason for leaving them:

7. What games do you play other than Plazma Burst 2:

8. Describe yourself in one sentence:

9.What is your best strength (ex.snipers , rails):

10. Why did you choose to apply here instead of other clans:

11. Who do you know in SurReal:

12. What can you contribute to SurReal(other than just being active on discord and pb2):

13.How active you are in discord and pb2:

14. Will you be able to participate in any events that the clan will provide?

15. Explain in your own words what loyalty means to you:

16. Are you applying as a member or a trial member:

17. By submitting this application, do you promise to keep your word about joining this clan:


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